Professional leather furniture cleaning services in Suffolk County, NY and the surrounding areas

Professional Leather Cleaning

Chem-Dry is one of the leading companies in the carpet and upholstery cleaning service industry. Did you know we also offer outstanding leather furniture cleaning in the Long Island & Suffolk, NY area? Carine Chem-Dry’s leather cleaning services include leather cleaning, maintenance, and restoration.

Over time, body oils, perspiration, and other stains easily settle into your leather furniture. A lot of cleaning products on the market can actually break down leather finishes and lead to dryness and cracking. Our leather care is not only safe but effectively cleans and restores your leather furniture. Prevent unnecessary wear and keep your leather furniture looking great with Carine Chem-Dry.

leather cleaning suffolk county, ny

Causes of Leather Deterioration

  1. Oils and Grease: Body oils cling onto leather. Hair and hand oils are easily transferred to the head cushions and armrests and can cause serious damage to the protective finish.
  2. Atmospheric Soils: Think about the dust that builds up on a coffee table or desk over a week’s time. That same dust is being deposited on your leather. In addition to this dust, there’s also airborne cooking oils and atmospheric pollutants that are present, to some degree, in every home.
  3. Common Soils: These soils include the common dirt tracked in from outside along with sand and fibers from plants. The fibers are brought into the home by adults, kids, and pets and attach to the leather every time the furniture is used.
  4. Dyes and Inks: The inks from newsprint in newspapers can readily be deposited on leather. Clothes such as denim can transfer dye onto leather in a process called dye transfer. The direct ink from a leaky pen or the aspiring toddler artist should not be forgotten.
leather furniture cleaning suffolk county, ny

Scuffs, Scratches, Cuts and Fading

During the lifespan of your leather couches and chairs, you may encounter common issues that come with owning leather furniture. Our Chem-Dry Certified Technicians are skilled at dealing with these problems. At Carine Chem-Dry, we have 60 stock pigment colors that closely match those used in the tanning process to fix scrapes or scratches on protected leathers.

We can also restore color on delicate aniline leathers. Our certified technicians will guide you through our process and discuss any areas of worry. We understand that leather is an investment, and our goal is to always leave it looking fresh and new after our work is complete.

How Often Should I Clean My Leather?

It’s best to schedule professional cleaning for your leather furniture 1-2 times a year. Between professional cleanings, you can keep your furniture in top condition by using Chem-Dry Soft Cleaner® and Chem-Dry Protection Cream® from the Chem-Dry Home Leather Care Kit, which you can get from Carine Chem-Dry in Long Island, NY.

Regularly wiping down your leather furniture with a soft, dry cloth can also help remove any surface dust and debris. If you notice any spills or stains, it’s important to clean them up immediately to prevent them from setting into the leather.

In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, there are a few other factors to consider when determining how often you should clean your leather furniture. These include the type and color of leather, as well as the level of use and exposure to sunlight.

For example, lighter colored leathers may show dirt and stains more easily, so they may need to be cleaned more frequently. Similarly, if your leather furniture is exposed to direct sunlight on a regular basis, it may experience more wear and tear and require more frequent cleaning.

Ultimately, the best way to determine how often you should clean your leather furniture is to consult with a professional. They can assess the condition of your furniture and make recommendations based on its specific needs.

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