Places in Your Home That You Forget to Clean

Oct 18, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning, General Cleaning Tips

Places in Your Home That You Forget to Clean

It’s easy to forget to clean certain areas of your home – after all, there are always so many other things to take care of! But leaving these spots dirty can lead to a buildup of dirt, dust, and bacteria that can be tough to remove. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some commonly forgotten areas in your home and provide some tips for keeping them clean. Let’s get started!


Common Areas We Forget to Clean in the House

  1. The fridge. We all know we should be cleaning our fridge on a regular basis, but somehow it always gets pushed to the back burner. This fall, take the time to pull everything out of your fridge, give the shelves a good scrub, and get rid of anything that’s expired. While you’re at it, clean the coils on the back of your fridge; they accumulate dust and dirt over time, which can make your fridge work harder (and use more energy) than it needs to.
  1. Under the couch cushions. We’ve all been there: you’re looking for your remote control or your phone charger and you think it might be under the couch, so you take a quick peek—only to find dust bunnies and crumbs. Ew! This fall, take the opportunity to flip your couch cushions over and vacuum or sweep underneath them. You might be surprised at how much dirt and debris have accumulated over time. This is especially important considering how much more time you will spend inside with the cooler weather settling in.
  1. The shower head. It’s easy to forget about cleaning the shower head because it’s not something we typically think about on a day-to-day basis. But if you take a close look, you’ll probably see that it’s covered in mineral deposits from hard water. Luckily, it’s easy to clean; just soak it in vinegar overnight and then wipe away the gunk in the morning.
  1. The windowsills. Dust collects on windowsills just like it does everywhere else in your home. When you’re cleaning your windows, don’t forget to give the sills a good wipe-down as well. For extra-stubborn dirt and grime, you can use a diluted vinegar solution or a glass cleaner specifically designed for windowsills.
  1. The garbage disposal. Most of us use our garbage disposals on a daily basis, but we seldom think about cleaning them until there’s a problem—like when they start making weird noises or emitting foul odors. To prevent issues from popping up down the road, clean your garbage disposal now! You can do this by running cold water and dropping in some ice cubes; as they grind up, they’ll help remove any build-up on the blades. You can also toss in citrus peels (lemons or limes work well) for a fresh scent boost.
  1. The carpets. Carpet cleaning is not a difficult or time-consuming task, but it is one that should be done on a regular basis in order to maintain the beauty and integrity of your carpet. There are several methods of cleaning a carpet, but the most effective way is to hire a professional carpet cleaner like Carine Chem-Dry who will have the necessary equipment and experience to get the job done right. Carpet fibers continuously trap dust and other small particles from being circulated into the air that you breathe, but if they’ve gone without professional cleaning for quite some time, they can lose their filter-like functionality and incite respiratory issues in sensitive individuals. Most manufacturers recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months, but this may need to be done more often depending on your particular circumstances. For example, if you have pets or small children who spend a lot of time on the floor, you may need to have your carpets cleaned more frequently in order to prevent stains and odors from setting in.


Professional Carpet Cleaning in Suffolk County, NY

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