Removing Common Contaminants with Deep Carpet Cleaning

Apr 21, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

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Experience the Carine Chem-Dry difference with exceptional carpet cleaning services in Suffolk County, NY. A well-maintained carpet can transform your home, providing a plush feel, delightful scent, and revitalized appearance. To achieve these outcomes, selecting a carpet cleaning company with state-of-the-art techniques and a proven track record of success is crucial.

Carine Chem-Dry is dedicated to delivering comprehensive deep carpet cleaning services in Suffolk County, NY, to address a wide array of dirt and grime. We recognize that contaminants can adversely affect your carpet and your home’s atmosphere, so we offer a diverse selection of specialty carpet cleaning treatments designed to target specific problems. Our mission is to restore your carpet’s original beauty, no matter what kind of soil it previously harbored.

In today’s busy world, carpets are exposed to numerous contaminants daily, particularly in homes with children, pets, or frequent guests. By partnering with Carine Chem-Dry, you can maintain a clean and inviting living environment as our skilled technicians efficiently remove dirt and contaminants embedded in your carpet fibers over time.

We are experts in addressing various contaminants, such as pet urine, everyday dirt and soil, dust, airborne particles, and food residues and stains. Our innovative carpet cleaning processes target these common challenges, providing a fresh, revitalized home environment.


Pet Urine

Pet urine can be harmful to both your carpet and your home’s health. Carine Chem-Dry offers a specialized treatment called P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Remote Treatment) to address this issue. Our technicians can effectively neutralize pet urine crystals and associated stains and odors by utilizing U.V. light to detect urine deposits. Our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process is then used to extract excess liquid and loosen urine crystals. Finally, our P.U.R.T. solution is applied to penetrate the carpet and eliminate urine crystals at a molecular level, resulting in complete odor removal instead of just masking them.

Everyday Dirt and Soil

As dirt and soil accumulate in your carpet through daily use, they become compacted, affecting your carpet’s appearance and feel. Our HCE process, featuring The Natural® – a carbonated, detergent-free cleaning solution, extracts compacted dirt and soil from carpet fibers and backing. HCE’s powerful cleaning action lifts deep-set dirt and soil to the surface, diminishing visible traffic patterns and rejuvenating your carpet’s appearance.

Dust, Dirt, and Airborne Particles

Carpets function as indoor air filters, effectively trapping and retaining airborne dust and dirt particles. This essential function helps maintain healthy indoor air quality within your home. Our HCE process efficiently removes dust, pet dander, and grime from your carpets, ensuring they continue contributing to a comfortable and healthy home environment.

Food Residues and Stains 

Food spills can result in stubborn, unsightly stains on your carpets. We can tackle the most persistent spots and stains, restoring your carpet’s original appearance. We also offer a carpet stain-protectant application to safeguard your carpet against future food residues and spills. With a motto like “If we can’t get it out, no one can!” Carine Chem-Dry has become the preferred choice for homeowners in Suffolk County, NY, seeking to address challenging carpet stains.

Deeper Carpet Cleaning for Healthier Results

Embark on a journey to a cleaner, fresher home by choosing Carine Chem-Dry’s deep carpet cleaning services. Our skilled team will expertly eliminate common contaminants, leaving your carpets looking and smelling their best. Read what others throughout Long Island say about our professional carpet cleaning service. Contact Carine Chem-Dry in Suffolk County, NY, today to experience the difference we can make in your home!

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