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Jun 22, 2022 | Area Rug Cleaning

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Oriental rugs, handmade rugs, or other antique rugs are precious investments and often are carefully watched over to avoid accidents from occuring on them. However, at Carine Chem-Dry we want to be the first to tell you the cold hard truth that accidents will happen. But this doesn’t mean you should enter panic mode once someone walks near your rug with a drink or otherwise sticky, drippy substance. Having an arsenal of the right area rug cleaning tools and techniques will help you remain confident to effectively handle any potential accident that might occur. You’ll be ready to handle spills and stains when they inevitably occur and be able to maintain the beauty and feel of your precious area rugs.

A critical aspect to remember about your rugs is that when it comes to cleaning and spot removal, they require special care. Depending on when it was made and the process used to weave it, the fibers and dyes your rug is composed of may be incredibly delicate. 

Because of this, you cannot simply follow conventional cleaning methods to achieve optimal results for your rug. In fact, accidentally following the wrong cleaning procedure can lead to irreversible damage or make a rug stain appear much worse than it was initially. You may even end up having to dispose of your rug much sooner than you’d like.

The good news is that you have a team in Brookhaven, Manorville, Southampton, East Hampton, and the surrounding areas at Carine Chem-Dry who is dedicated to providing all of Suffolk County with the best rug cleaning service possible. We are committed to helping everyone in the area protect and enjoy their area rugs for years to come, whether it is a newly acquired area rug or an older rug passed down by several generations. This month, we’ve collected some of our rug cleaning technician’s most trusted cleaning tips to share with you so you can provide excellent maintenance for your home’s rugs. You’ll also be prepared with the right techniques to follow to avoid having an inevitable rug stain ruin your area rug for good.


Rug Cleaning Tips


Tip #1: Don’t procrastinate when dealing with stains.

Don’t panic when there is an accident on your rug, but also don’t procrastinate getting after it. The longer you let a stain sit unchecked on your rug, the stronger it will set in on the rug fibers making it more difficult to fully extract. By moving to solve the problem quickly after it has happened, you will be able to maintain the cleanliness of your rugs in your home in Manorville.


Tip #2: Avoid scrubbing or rubbing at all costs.

Common intuition tells us that we should scrub at a stain to get it out, but you should never do this when working to extract a stain on the rug. Scrubbing at the stain will cause it spread to additional rug fibers and push the pigment deeper into the rug. Instead of scrubbing the stain, carefully absorb the spilled pigment by dabbing at it with a cloth.


Tip #3: Don’t dab with just any cloth. 

Don’t just use any cloth to pick up spilled liquid. Colored or other patterned cloths could result in accidental dye transfer and cause further damage to the rug. Use a clean, white cotton cloth to gently absorb the spill. It could help to keep one close by and easily accessible to remind you to never grab a colored towel to pick up a stain.


Tip #4: Know how to remedy burn stains.

Burn marks are a different category of stains and can be particularly frustrating when you consider the damage fire and extreme heat can do to your rug. Unlike normal stains, dabbing won’t do the trick here. 

Take a close look at the rug, and you’ll notice that the burn is likely only affecting the very top portion of the carpet fibers. If this is indeed the case, you’re in luck. Just trim away the burnt bit of each fiber with cosmetic scissors and carefully brush the unaffected fibers around the shorter pieces.


Tip #5: Book regular rug cleaning appointments.

If it has been some time since you have had your rugs professionally cleaned, you might start to notice the accumulation of spots on your rug that can’t be traced to any recent spill or accident. This can be a strong sign that your rug is long overdue for professional cleaning as dirt has become heavily compacted deep in your rug. Professional rug cleaning in Brookhaven, Manorville and the surrounding areas from a company like Carine Chem-Dry can rid your rug of these spots by gently extracting deeply set in dirt and grime. 


Tip #6: Know when to call for professional help.

Because many rugs are made from different materials and weaves, it can be easy to mess up DIY cleaning and accidentally damage your rugs. It’s best not to risk accidental damage and instead contact the team of professionals at Carine Chem-Dry who can help with advanced stain extraction. We have years of experience dealing with some of the most resilient stains from pet urine, coffee, and other highly pigmented substances. Once you’ve done your best to carefully absorb the spill, give us a call for advanced rug stain removal. Give us a call at (631) 878-7088 to learn more about our process and receive a free price quote for your stain removal situation.


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