This One Product Can Save Your Carpets

Jun 7, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning

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It’s summer, which means your carpets are a lot more likely to accumulate stains from pets, kids, popsicles, movie nights and much more. What if we told you about a product that can save your carpet from all of that? By applying carpet protectant, like PowerGuard Protectant™ from Carine Chem-Dry, you can! 

Let’s dive in and talk more about how carpet protectant works and the benefits it can provide in your home. 


This Protectant will Protect From and Repel Stains

Most carpet comes with a factory-applied stain resistant treatment. However, this treatment wears away over time, leaving your carpet exposed to stains and spills. 

That’s where we come in. Carine Chem-Dry Carpet Protectant™ creates a protective seal around each individual carpet fiber, repelling stains and dirt. Protectant also lengthens the “window of opportunity” for you to clean up a spill before it sets in as a permanent stain.


Chem-Dry’s Carpet Cleaning Process That’s Revolutionary 

Other companies apply carpet protectant after the carpet cleaning process. This requires more time to apply and to dry, doesn’t coat carpet fibers effectively, and uses an unnecessary amount of moisture. That’s why Carine Chem-Dry has developed a more effective way. 

When scheduling your appointment with Carine Chem-Dry, you can choose to add carpet protectant as part of your carpet cleaning service. We’ll then add Chem-Dry Carpet Protectant™ directly to our natural carpet cleaning solution. This means that protectant is being applied to your carpets as they’re being cleaned. This co-application process allows us to completely coat each entire carpet fiber from base to tip. This provides significantly better coverage than our competitor’s method, which coats only the tops of your carpet fibers. 

This process is also better for the environment. Because the protectant and carpet cleaning solutions are applied simultaneously, we require no additional moisture or dry times. Your carpet will be dry in just 1-2 hours with Carine Chem-Dry, instead of 1-2 days like other carpet cleaners in the area. We service the Suffolk County area of New York including Manorville and Long Island.


 Carine Chem-Dry: Your Carpet Protectant Specialists

We care about your carpet investment and want you to get the most out of it. Trust the experts at Carine Chem-Dry to effectively clean and protect the carpet in your home. By regularly scheduling cleanings and applying Chem-Dry Carpet Protectant™, you’ll extend the life of your carpet by fortifying it against spots and stains. Here in Long Island, we also offer upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, and leather cleaning


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