Tips for Preserving Carpets in High Traffic Areas

Feb 5, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning

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Carpets add a level of comfort and durability to your home. However, carpets need regular cleaning, especially in areas with high foot traffic. If these areas aren’t properly maintained, they can become uneven and worn out, resulting in early replacement. Deep carpet cleaning is a great preventative measure to safeguard your carpets. It also revitalizes high-traffic areas, improves the appearance of your carpets and prolongs their lifespan. Consider deep carpet cleaning to maintain the best appearance and longevity of your carpets.

Identifying the Busiest Areas in Your Home

The areas of your carpet that experience heavy foot traffic and may require additional care will depend on how different areas of your home are used and if you have kids or pets. These areas might display signs of wear such as dark patches, gray paths, flattened or matted fibers, or a difference in color and texture between the walls and the middle of the area. If you notice these signs, you might need a thorough carpet cleaning to prevent permanent unevenness. Examples of high-traffic areas in a home include hallways, stairwells, in front of sofas and beds, in front of wardrobe doors, and areas where children and pets play.

How to Refresh High Traffic Areas in Your Home with a Deep Carpet Cleaning

Don’t let high-traffic areas in your home look worn and damaged. Scheduling a deep carpet cleaning can enhance it’s appearance by getting rid of built up dirt and grim from the carpet’s fibers. This thorough cleaning process also protects against friction caused by the dirt.

The Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process offered by Carine Chem-Dry can restore the look and feel of overused carpets. Our process doesn’t use tons of water, allowing your carpets to dry within a few hours rather than days. It also uses carbonation and a detergent-free cleaning solution instead of harsh soaps, so you don’t have to worry about residue attracting more dirt.

For the best results, we suggests having a thorough clean on heavy foot traffic areas of your home 1-2 times a year. In between these deep cleanings, be sure to regularly vacuum to remove surface dirt and maintain an even texture.

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